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Mission- Save Planet

93.2% plastic is left behind as waste, which is consumed by aquatic animals, cows, and other animals at other hand it can be recycled. Thus, causing a major threat to animals. At Tirupati Commodities Pvt. Ltd., we care about those animals and our planet that is smothering due of plastic bags. Which is why we have started an initiative, Go Green and use Eco Friendly Jute Products.

Why Using Jute Product Is Beneficial?

People when go for shopping, or while packing food items, make use of plastic bags, which harm not only mother earth but also animals, thus affecting the whole life cycle. So, even if a single person out of 5 to 6 people will start using Jute Products like Jute Bags, Jute Table Mats, to name a few, then we would be saving approx 1,330,560,000 bags in a lifetime, that means 22,176 in an average person's life, 24 bags a month and 6 bags in a week.

We Are Well Known For?

We are known in the industry for the reasons mentioned below: